October POG Students

In the Spring of 2019, the London City School District published its Portrait of a Graduate, which highlights the key skills and attitudes necessary for district graduates to have success in college and careers. Our district uses the Portrait of a Graduate to help design meaningful teaching and learning experiences for our students.

The following students were recognized during the October Regular Board of Education meeting for substantially demonstrating the district’s Portrait of a Graduate. Congratulations to each of these students!

Cooper Hudson-Love (8th) - London Middle School

Cooper has actively participated in both the Future Problem Solvers of America (FPSA) and Ohio Stem Learning Networks Design Challenge for the past two years and plans to participate again this year. These co-curricular competitions are a great way to expose students to valuable soft skills like communication, collaboration, time management, fun, and authenticity. FPSA & OSLN organizations are dedicated to students working independently or in groups to develop creative solutions to current local, national and global problems. Students who participate prepare research and presentations to compete on a state level against other students in their age range across the state. Last year the LMS team won the Central Ohio Regions student choice award for most creative design/solution. 

Cooper's participation in these co-curricular STEM programs requires research, technology, communication, failure, and success. They actively apply this same skill set in the classroom by taking several HS-level courses (i.e., Geometry and Honors ELA) requiring a dedicated, skilled level in literacy, numeracy, and technology, as well as the ability to be flexible and adaptable. Also, he held merit-honor roll distinctions and was a county top speller in the 6th grade. 

Finally, Cooper’s dedication to learning extends beyond STEM and the classroom; He is an active member of the National Junior Honor Society and Student Council and shows steer in the Champaign Co. 4H. Cooper also showcases exceptional sportsmanship on and off the field as he is a student-athlete in football and baseball and is a member of Dr. Kramer’s Superintendent-Student Advisory Board.

Isabelle Tipton (12th) - London Unlimited

Isabelle Tipton is an excellent example of how London students can take advantage of the unique flexibility of the London Unlimited program. Isabelle is taking full advantage of the program this year by participating in online learning, College Credit Plus courses, in-person learning, and our internship program. In addition, Isabelle is also involved in Cross Country and plans to swim again this year.

Although Isabelle’s success demonstrates each aspect of the Portrait of a Graduate, she best exemplifies showing respect for herself and others. In her interactions with peers and adults, Isabelle treats others with courtesy and respect and is quick to support a fellow teammate or classmate in need. While she may not realize her effect on others, she leads by example and is a wonderful representation of our Portrait of Graduate skills.

Morgan Myers (12th) - London High School

London High School proudly announces that Senior Morgan Myers is the October, Portrait of A Graduate, Student of the Month. 

Morgan is a great student and supports a 3.85 GPA. She stated she has greatly enjoyed her time as an LHS student and loved the classes she has taken, indicating her favorites as public speaking, chemistry, and all of her English classes--especially her College Credit Plus classes which she will have 8 college English credits when she graduates. 

Morgan is very active at LHS. She was the Junior class President last year, has been on Prom Committee, has been part of the Rotary Club speech contest, is currently part of the Student Council, and has spoken at high school events such as College Signing Day and the Veterans Day assembly. Morgan is currently the team captain of the Girl's Tennis team. 

After graduating from LHS, Morgan plans to attend a 4-year University and major in sports communications with the goal of making it in the sports broadcasting field.  Morgan is easily one of the most respected students in the school. She continues to support her team, even after sustaining a knee injury, and can be seen in the student section to help cheer on her classmates.