Be Awesome Today!

In the Spring of 2019, the London City School District published its Portrait of a Graduate, which highlights the key skills and attitudes necessary for district graduates to have success in college and careers. Our district uses the Portrait of a Graduate to help design meaningful teaching and learning experiences for our students.

In a similar way during the Spring of 2022, the London City School District worked with stakeholders to identify and publish the most valued skills and dispositions that educators should demonstrate on a daily basis to help prepare our students to be future-ready.  

These skills include

  1. Effective Communication,

  2. Focused on Relationship-Building,

  3. Being Flexible and Adaptable,

  4. Demonstrating High Integrity; and,

  5. Being a Role Model for Life-Long Learning.

Our district appreciates the work of our staff and is actively seeking to recognize our outstanding educators. If you have witnessed a staff member, who has substantially demonstrated some or all of the Portrait of Educator skills, please nominate them to be recognized by completing this nomination form.