December POG Students

In the Spring of 2019, the London City School District published its Portrait of a Graduate, which highlights the key skills and attitudes necessary for district graduates to have success in college and careers. Our district uses the Portrait of a Graduate to help design meaningful teaching and learning experiences for our students.

The following students were recognized during the December Regular Board of Education meeting for substantially demonstrating the district’s Portrait of a Graduate. Congratulations to each of these students!

Cameron Henderson - London Elementary School (5th Grade)

For our recent food drive partnership with the City of London, the top collecting class was offered an ice cream party.  When Cameron Henderson heard the challenge of winning this for his class, he not only encouraged classmates to bring in canned goods, he and his family personally donated enough to bring his class's total to 300 items.  He then helped organize a group of student volunteers to organize the food items for delivery to Mayor Closser at City Hall. Cameron also helped Miss Scott deliver the items to Mayor Closser.  Of the 2,147 items collected by the City of London, 1,970 were donated by the collection from London Elementary. Cameron’s actions demonstrated a strong respect for others, an ability to communicate and collaborate effectively, and strong problem-solving. All of these are attributes our district looks to develop in our future graduates.

Eva Dwyer - London Middle School (7th Grade)

Eva is an outstanding 7th-grade young lady who is mature beyond her years. In her short time here at the middle school, Eva has actively participated in the county-wide spelling bee and math competitions, where she took first place for math as a 6th grader; Eva plans to compete in both competitions again this school year. This accolade shouldn't surprise us, as Eva has held a gifted designation since elementary school and took 7th-grade honors math as a 6th grader and now algebra as a 7th grader, as well as honors English. Most recently, she earned 3rd place in the VFW Patriot's Pen Writing Competition, where she received a $25 prize scholarship. Moreover, Eva has been made student of the month for December. 

Beyond her academic studies, Eva has been an active participant in 4-H for three years. Her love for horses compels her to volunteer at the horse barn she rides at, and when time is available, she helps at the family's locally-owned Dwyers Hardware store. When applicable, Eva finds her way back to the elementary where she volunteers in her mom's classroom, helping young students learn. Eva is not yet a member of NJHS but has volunteered her time to help make NJHS Movie Night memorable for students in attendance. Beyond that, Eva plans to participate and represent LMS in the spring by running track.   

In the end, Eva is an outstanding 7th-grade young lady who is mature beyond her years. She only scratches the surface of what she will accomplish before leaving middle school. But most importantly, Eva exemplifies all aspects of the district's Portrait of a Graduate.

Averie Clifton - London Unlimited (11th Grade)

Averie Clifton uses the flexibility of the London Unlimited program to demonstrate that he is future-ready. Averie will be a graduate of the Class of 2023 and demonstrates each part of the Portrait of a Graduate. He epitomizes being a critical and creative thinker and a problem solver. Averie has been a part of the London Unlimited program for the past three years. Averie appreciates the LU program that has allowed him to focus on school, work in construction, and also continuing his involvement in the school. Averie actively participates in the Red Sea Student Section at all football games and has been on the Baseball team throughout high school.  

Lucas Wolf - London High School (12th Grade)

London High School is proud to honor Lucas Wolf as the December, Portrait of a Graduate, Student of the Month. 

Lucas is a senior at London High School, has a 4.312 GPA, and is currently ranked 4th in his class. Lucas started taking high school classes in middle school, which gave him an amazing head start for his academic career. Since entering high school, Lucas has continued to push himself and has taken multiple College Credit Plus courses. He credits the amazing teachers at LHS for helping him achieve spectacular grades. Lucas has been awarded Merit Honor roll each of his first three years in school. He was honored as a Junior with a nomination for Junior Kiwanis for his academic achievements. He also received the Jacob Von Kanel Chemistry award for his grades in College Chemistry. 

In Lucas’s free time, he has worked at Cappy’s Pizza for the last two and a half years and was awarded employee of the month after receiving many compliments for his hard work. He also participates in extracurricular activities at LHS including Quick Recall, Marching Band, Concert Band, and Tennis. He was involved with Marching Band for five years, which created a love of music, and is very proud of the two Superior and one Excellent rating the band received. Because he was bored, Lucas joined Quick Recall and the Tennis teams to push himself to become more well-rounded. 

Lucas epitomizes what it means to be a London Portrait of a Graduate. He has used his critical and creative thinking and problem-solving skills, he is an effective communicator, is appropriately skilled in literacy, numeracy, and technology, consistently shows respect for himself and others in all aspects of his life, and he has demonstrated the ability to be flexible and adaptable with all of the upper-level classes and extracurricular activities he is involved.