Elizabeth Landingham - POE

In the Spring of 2019, the London City School District published its Portrait of a Graduate, which highlights the key skills and attitudes necessary for district graduates to have success in college and careers. Our district uses the Portrait of a Graduate to help design meaningful teaching and learning experiences for our students. In a similar way during the Spring of 2022, the London City School District worked to identify and publish the most valued skills and dispositions that educators should demonstrate on a daily basis to help prepare our students to be future-ready. These skills include: 

  • Effective Communication,

  • Focused on Relationship-Building,

  • Being Flexible and Adaptable,

  • Demonstrating High Integrity; and,

  • Being a Role-Model for Life-Long Learning.

Elizabeth Landingham was recognized during the November Regular Board of Education meeting for substantially demonstrating the district’s Portrait of n Educator. Congratulations Mrs. Landingham!

Nominated by a Parent:

Mrs. Landingham is a stellar educator. Her dedication and devotion to her students are unparalleled. She is constantly educating her students beyond classroom hours. My boys have been actively engaged under her guidance in the classroom, via clubs, and most recently, chaperoning my eldest on an educational trip to Boston. This educator is encouraging, and she knows how to motivate her students. I'm also continually impressed with her ability to communicate. Overall, Ms. Landingham needs to be commended for her extraordinary efforts both inside and outside the classroom.

Nominated by Mr. Belmont:

Elizabeth knows the vital factors and processes that positively impact student learning. She approached the identification of instructional techniques with thoughtfulness and creativity and, time and again. She's the NJHS Advisor, PLTW lab teacher, STEM Drive Ohio project leader, Future Problem Solver of America team advisor, PBL-summer school program lead teacher, and a Jason Learning Argonauts winner! Note: Her LMS Student team won the student choice award for most creative project design at last year's OSNL design challenge. Beyond that, what makes her so unique is that Elizabeth is an ELA and social studies teacher.