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The London City School District Board of Education recently met to review district performance data and set priorities for the 2022-2023 school year. After reviewing district performance data presented by Dr. Kramer, the Board established three main priorities, which include improving academic performance, enhancing safety and security, and planning for growth. These priorities will be focus areas as the district works to update its strategic plan.

Notably, progress has already been made in the area of safety as district leaders plan for the implementation of a School Resource Officer Program. Working with the London Police Department, the district is making plans to collaborate with LPD to employ a full-time officer assigned to district schools. The goals of the program include working to enhance district safety measures, fostering a positive school culture, and providing another resource for assistance with behavioral health. The program is expected to be fully implemented this January.

In addition, LCS is continuing a partnership with the designers of its existing schools, SHP, to conduct master planning for district facilities. This process began with the commissioning of a District Enrollment Study in July and continues with a current study of the enrollment thresholds for each district school. It is expected that London will need to address facility needs in the coming years in order to help enhance current programs and add additional instructional space to accommodate more students.

LCS has established a goal of becoming a premier district in Madison County and beyond. As part of meeting that goal, the district analyzes a variety of performance data including student achievement, academic growth, discipline, stakeholder surveys, etc. as part of its district improvement process. The district’s strategic plan is updated periodically and monitored to ensure goals are being met.

More information on district progress, particularly in the area of academics, will be released in the coming weeks. You can access Dr. Kramer's July 2022 presentation here