With the goal of providing students expanded opportunities to explore future careers, London High School is planning to launch an onsite recruiting opportunity for local employers. The program, which is appropriately named, “Career from Here,” brings employers on campus in a similar way to how the district currently hosts college recruiters. Visits will be advertised and students will have the chance to sign up to meet with each organization. FedEx will kick off the program on February 3rd with other employers scheduled for future dates.

The “Career from Here” program is the brainchild of Mrs. Betsy Dennis, who is the district’s College and Career Readiness Supervisor. Mrs. Dennis explained that the program is simply a logical extension of what we do for colleges and military recruiters. "Over the last year, we have implemented a number of ways our middle school and high school students explore future college and career plans. I am very excited about this program because it links our kids with what they are doing academically with real opportunities from local companies,” Dennis said.

Local businesses, in industries that are consistent with the district’s educational mission and values, are encouraged to participate. Please contact Mrs. Betsy Dennis at or 740-852-5705, etc. 3020 if interested.