Hello London Families,

Fall is in the air, our homecoming festivities were very enjoyable and well attended, and our volleyball and football teams topped our rivals to the north. All the while we continue to offer all-day, everyday classes for our students. Although it has been a challenge at times, there have been many bright spots so far this school year. 

Beginning today, Madison County Public Health has revised its interpretation for requiring individuals to quarantine. The following is a release from MCPH explaining the change:

The authority and obligation to isolate cases of COVID19 and to quarantine direct contacts of such cases resides with local health departments.  Schools cooperate with public health to identify students and staff who are exposed to a case of COVID19 and are therefore at risk of developing the disease and passing it to others. 

Beginning Monday, September 27, students and staff who make physical contact with a case of COVID-19 during the case’s infectious period will be required to quarantine at home.  Students and staff that have close contact with a case of COVID-19, but do not make physical contact, will be recommended to quarantine at home.  In accordance with Ohio law, schools must exclude students and staff who are required to be isolated or quarantined by the local health department.  The following people/conditions are not required to quarantine if they remain symptom-free:  1) fully vaccinated people, 2) anyone who has verifiably tested positive for the virus that causes or has been diagnosed with COVID-19 disease in the past 90 days, and 3) close contacts who are wearing a mask consistently/correctly, maintain at least 3 feet of distance from the case, and never make physical contact with the case during the case’s infectious period.  Close contact continues to be defined as less than six feet for at least 15 cumulative minutes in any 24 hour period.

Based on this new information, our district will proceed as indicated by the health department. Individuals who have come into direct, physical contact with a confirmed case of COVID19 will continue to be prohibited from being on campus until terms of their quarantine have been completed. It is recommended that individuals who are considered close contacts quarantine as well, but this will no longer be required. All individuals are reminded and urged to stay at home if they are sick for any reason.

We are looking forward to hosting families for parent-teacher conferences beginning this Wednesday. Thank you for your continued support of our students and our school district.

Kind regards,
Dr. Lou Kramer
District Superintendent