Student Completing a Success Plan

On September 29th and October 6th, London City School parents/families will have the opportunity to meet teachers to discuss student progress, academic performance, and how we can best support each student.  For our LMS and LHS students, these conferences will also be an opportunity for the families to be introduced to their student’s Student Success Plan.

Students in grades 6-12 have been completing individual Student Success Plans, a document through which a student identifies current career and educational goals.  The Plan also requires students to research the skills and education needed to support their career goals, programs, and activities that could provide them with experience while in middle or high school, and name those that can support them in this process.  Since a student’s career goals may change over time, as they learn more about their aptitudes and interests as well as are exposed to a wide variety of career opportunities, the Student Success Plans will be revisited and updated annually.  The Plans also contain an academic planning component that will be completed in the Spring, as part of the scheduling process.

If you have any questions about the Student Success Plans or the District’s Career Readiness Initiatives, please contact Betsy Dennis, College and Career Readiness Coordinator at or 740-852-5705 x3020.