The London City School District released today its draft COVID19 mitigation plan for the 2021-2022 school year. The plan which is influenced by federal, state, and local guidance and mandates will be voted on by the Board of Education during its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, August 10th. Highlights of London’s plan include:

  • Maintaining a variety of educational options for students including onsite, hybrid, and virtual learning options;

  • Increasing the number of district social-emotional supports;

  • Encouraging and increasing the availability of vaccinations to those eligible;

  • Recommending but not requiring facial coverings except when required by law (i. e. district transportation)

It is important to note that this plan may be influenced by changes in law, the availability of staff, and the prevalence of infection rates in our schools and community. The Board of Education will receive regular updates on the plan's implementation and may revise this plan if necessary.

You may view the plan in its entirety here.