LCS Family Resources during COVID-19

LCS Recursos para Familias durante de COVID-19

Mental Health Resources

Los Recursos para la Salud Mental

COVID19 Resources

Steps Parents Can Take At Home

  1. Cover every cough and sneeze with your arm.

  2. Stay home when you are sick.

  3. Wash your hands often.

  4. Don’t put your hands in your mouth, eyes, or nose.

  5. Avoid people who are sick.

  6. Clean frequently touched surfaces.

Safe Return to School

and Continuity of Services Plan

2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR


The purpose of this plan is to provide guidance to stakeholders of the London City School District for the safe and orderly start and for the continuity of instruction for the 2021-2022 school year. 


  1. Effects of the coronavirus will continue to force school districts to make operational changes during the 2021-2022 school year.

  2. State and local mandates may be in place that schools will be required to follow. In addition, other state and local recommendations may also be in place.

  3. This plan may change quickly based on state and/or local mandates, changes in law, the availability of staff, and the rate of infection in the district and community.


  1. Protect the health and safety of all students, staff, and individuals visiting our schools;

  2. Plan to meet the educational, socio-emotional, and physical needs of all students by designing and implementing high quality and flexible learning options;

  3. Support staff and parents in adapting to new or sudden changes to the educational process;

  4. Plan for effective communication and collaboration efforts of stakeholders during planning and implementation.


London is committed to providing as “normal” an onsite educational opportunity as possible during the 2021-2022 school year, while also providing parents many other alternative, educational options. The district is planning to open the school year, fully in person and remain so throughout the year. The ability to do so may be influenced by the availability of staff and the prevalence of infection rates in our community.

Families concerned with their children attending onsite, or for those simply wishing to take advantage of more flexible learning options, are encouraged to take advantage of our London Unlimited program. Learning options for London Unlimited include fully virtual learning, hybrid learning, participation in an internship, or an application for high school credit through our other credit flexibility options. Parents interested in this option are asked to visit our London Unlimited website for more information. 


The district recognizes the challenges that the current pandemic presents and the burden that this may have on our students. London recently added a full-time elementary school counselor and expanded mental health service partnerships in order to assist in this need. Students and parents are greatly encouraged to contact a district staff member with any concerns.


Vaccinations: The London City School District recognizes that COVID19 vaccines have received emergency approval, however, the district supports federal, state, and local recommendations that individuals attending or working in schools receive the vaccination if they are comfortable in doing so. It is important to note, however, that choosing to receive the COVID19 vaccine is optional and not required for school attendance, work within the district, nor is it required for participation in any school activities. Currently, any individual aged 12 and over is eligible to receive a free, COVID19 vaccine. The district will partner with Madison County Public Health whenever possible in order to assist in the availability of the COVID19 vaccine. Vaccinations are available daily through Madison County Public Health.

Facial Coverings: Facial coverings are recommended to be worn by all students, staff, and campus visitors but are not required in any indoor or outdoor areas on campus.

  1. Although not mandatory, parents and individuals are reminded that Madison County Public Health strongly recommends unvaccinated individuals over the age of 12, children between the ages of 2-11 (when indoors), and those individuals who may be immunocompromised to wear a facial covering.

  2. Anyone who wants to wear a mask is encouraged to do so and will not be discriminated against because of it.

  3. The Centers for Disease Control have ordered that facial coverings must be worn by all people, while on public transportation. This order specifically includes school buses. Although the district recommends but does not require the wearing of facial coverings on campus, all individuals riding on district buses and vans must abide by this order.

Symptom Check: Any individual attending, working, or visiting a district school should check themselves for all COVID19 symptoms (including but not limited to fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, headache, the new loss of taste or smell, etc.) each day before coming on campus. Individuals should not enter the campus or immediately leave campus if they:

  1. Have a symptom of COVID19;

  2. Have a household member that is a confirmed case; or,

  3. Are quarantined as a contact of a confirmed case.

Individuals who develop symptoms at school should leave campus as soon as possible.

Physical Distancing: To every extent possible and practical, the district will work to maintain as much distance between students and staff as the physical infrastructure will allow.

Large Group Gatherings: The district will take a common-sense approach in regards to scheduling large group gatherings with consideration given to the event, logistics, and current rate of infection in the community.

Ventilation and Air Flow: LCS will continue to adjust HVAC systems and employ other strategies in order to mix as much outside air into buildings and buses whenever practical, while also working to maintain a reasonably comfortable environment (i.e., open doors and windows).

Cleaning and Disinfection: The district will continue to clean and disinfect surfaces at least once a day or more often if appropriate and needed.

COVID19 Supplies: Hand sanitizer will remain abundantly available as well as masks and rapid COVID tests to those individuals who would like or are in need of them.

Contact Tracing, Quarantine, and Isolation: The district is required to follow Ohio and local requirements for contact tracing, quarantine, and isolation for confirmed cases of COVID19.

The authority and obligation to isolate cases of COVID19 and to quarantine direct contacts of such cases resides with local health departments.  Schools cooperate with public health to identify students and staff who are exposed to a case of COVID19 and are therefore at risk of developing the disease and passing it to others. 

Beginning Monday, September 27, students and staff who make physical contact with a case of COVID-19 during the case’s infectious period will be required to quarantine at home.  Students and staff that have close contact with a case of COVID-19, but do not make physical contact, will be recommended to quarantine at home.  In accordance with Ohio law, schools must exclude students and staff who are required to be isolated or quarantined by the local health department.  The following people/conditions are not required to quarantine if they remain symptom-free:  1) fully vaccinated people, 2) anyone who has verifiably tested positive for the virus that causes or has been diagnosed with COVID-19 disease in the past 90 days, and 3) close contacts who are wearing a mask consistently/correctly, maintain at least 3 feet of distance from the case, and never make physical contact with the case during the case’s infectious period.  Close contact continues to be defined as less than six feet for at least 15 cumulative minutes in any 24 hour period.

Positive Cases: Any individual who tests positive for COVID19, regardless of vaccination status and symptoms, must isolate and stay home for a minimum of five (5) days from the onset of symptoms or from the date of the positive test. Individuals should continue to isolate for at least ten (10 days) if symptoms do not improve.

If no symptoms persist or symptoms have improved after five (5) days, guidance from the Ohio Department of Health indicates that individuals may break isolation but should wear a mask for an additional five (5) days.

Feedback: Staff, parents and community members may provide feedback regarding this plan by completing this public comment form. Feedback will be shared with our district administrative team and be considered in any revisions of this plan.

Plan Review: The Superintendent will provide regular updates on the implementation of this plan to the Board of Education. This plan may be influenced by changes in law, the availability of staff, and the prevalence of infection rates in our community. As such, this plan may be revised and approved by the Board of Education during the year if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions: Click here is access a list of answers to frequently asked questions regarding the district's COVID19 plan.

London City School District COVID19 Report

*Updated Dec. 14th, 2021

Approximate Number of District Students: 2252

Number of Staff: 235

Total # of active confirmed cases of COVID19 (District-wide): 2

Current Individuals in Quarantine (District-wide): 5

Total # of confirmed cases of COVID19 during the 2021-2022 school year: 83

12 staff cases and 70 student cases.

35 cases have occurred at LES.

11 cases have been recorded at LMS.

34 cases have been recorded at LHS.

3 cases have been recorded for district employees.

American Recovery Plan/Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund Summary

The district is using American Rescue Plan/Elementary Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund dollars to support district operations in the following ways:

  1. Academic Supports

    • Provide an ongoing, comprehensive summer school intervention program for students in grades K-12;

    • Add an additional Intervention Specialist position at LMS/LHS and create the Director of Virtual Programs and Innovation position to oversee virtual programs;

    • Purchase instructional resources and provide professional development for academic intervention programs;

    • Purchase additional licensing for the district's online curriculum;

    • Offset costs of permanent substitutes.

  2. Facility and Maintenance Needs

    • Upgrade building HVAC controls for the Middle School and High School;

    • Upgrade the LES HVAC system in order to increase air circulation.

  3. Technology

    • Purchase and support for additional student technology devices;

    • Provide additional support for district technology services.