LCS Extends Timeline for Food Service Request for Proposals

In early February, the London City School district announced a request for proposal for contracting the operation of the district’s food service program beginning for the 2021-2022 school year. The RFP is an effort by the district to gather pertinent information in order to address the $150,000 deficit the foodservice program encountered during the 2019-2020 school year. In order to allow for the greatest number of proposals, the district has announced that it is extending its deadline for proposals. 

All proposals must be received via email or by regular U.S. mail by 5 pm on Friday, March 26th, 2021 ℅ Ms. Kristine Blind, Treasurer, London City School District 380 Elm Street, 2nd Floor, London, Ohio 43140, Due to COVID19, an optional meeting with interested proposers to review specifications and to walk through facilities will be held by appointment only. Please submit any questions regarding the RFP to the district treasurer by noon on Friday, February 19th, 2021. Any questions received will be answered and posted on the district website. The new project award date for the contract is May 11th, 2021. All dates are subject to change based upon the number and nature of received proposals and any other unforeseen factors.

Food Service Request for Proposal (Updated)

Questions Received Regarding the RFP

Please provide the number of Free and Reduced eligible students per school.

Elementary, Free=338 Reduced=11, MS, Free=153 Reduced=7, HS, Free=158 Reduced 11

Are the number of service days identical for Breakfast as for Lunch?  If not, please clarify the number of Breakfast service days versus Lunch service days per grade level (Elementary, Middle, and High). Yes.

Please provide the USDA Commodity Allotment for the upcoming year, as well as, the allotment from last school year? 21-22 allotment $41,036.76 and 19-20 $47,245.47

Can we use the district logo in our proposal? Yes. Vendors are permitted to use the district logo as part of their proposal.

Could you clarify the current employee's situation? Will the FSMC be expected to hire all the current SFA employees at the existing pay rate and pay schedules? LCS cares about its employees and is exploring ways to lessen any impact of any potential agreement with an outside vendor. Ultimately, this issue will be negotiable.

How are meals delivered to Madison South? The district transportation department assists in the delivery of meals to Madison South.

What has been the enrollment change from 2019/2020 to 2020/2021? What is anticipated? The district’s 2019-2020 Enrollment report is attached. The 2020-2021 update has been delayed due to COVID. 

Could you clarify/verify your expectations for a summer food service program? The district currently does not operate a summer food service program, however, this may be an area to explore in the future.

Are the employees represented by a union? If so, which one? Could you please share the CBA? Classified employees are represented by OAPSE Local 657. Please see the attached agreement.

Could we get a working equipment list, with dates of purchase and last maintenance for all kitchens? Please see attached.

What are the assessed current equipment needs that you would like included in this proposal? To be determined.

Do you currently have a POS system? If so, what is it? What are your annual fees/licensing costs associated with it that the FSMC will take over? EMS Linq Inc (Meals Plus) $2100 annually.

To calculate the fully loaded labor cost correctly, should we use the sum of the labor costs on employee schedules 7 & 9? Yes.

Employee schedules 7 and 9 do not include the SERS retirement contribution. Should we increase the labor costs to include the District’s retirement contribution? If so, should we use the SERS retirement contribution which is 14%? Or some other amount? It is already included on page 7.

The District does not contribute the employer's portion of social security. Should we increase the labor cost to include the employers’ social security contribution? No. Please add employers share of medicare at 1.45%.

The proposal states, "employees remain whole." Does this mean the District would like the employee's net paycheck to be the same amount when employed by the FSMC? Yes.

The link on your answers page “Could we get a working equipment list, with dates of purchase and last maintenance for all kitchens? Please see attached.” The link actually links to your RFP, not an equipment list. This has been fixed.

Has the district contracted out any of the services that are covered under the current CBA? No.

Could you share the last three years of labor agreements? The 2017-2020 agreement is attached.