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London is hoping to take providing opportunities for its students to the next level...or stage...or campaign or whatever the description of success is on your favorite video game. In an attempt to positively engage more district students and to provide opportunities in an already billion dollar industry, London launched an Esports team earlier this fall. In doing so, London was the first school in the area and one of a growing number of schools state-wide to sponsor a district Esports team. The response to the district’s foray into gaming has been overwhelming. Almost 50 students attended a planning meeting at the beginning of the year and dozens attended the first days of practice in October.

Most of today’s parents grew up in a video game culture and challenged friends to competitions playing video games on systems like Atari, Colecovision, or Sega. Today, students participate as part of a high school team against other high schools by playing some of the most popular online games. LHS has aligned with Esports Ohio, which describes itself as “a free grass-roots implementation of High School Esports in Ohio officially affiliated through school districts focusing on providing student opportunities.” This organization sponsors events and seasonal championships for teams. Schools also “practice” during the year by competing against other schools in “dual meets.”

This new venture for LCS fits right in with the district’s goal of providing students with a variety of academic, athletic, and extracurricular opportunities. As with any other sport or activity, Esports goal is to provide students with a chance to develop skills, make friends, and represent their school in competition. LHS has already seen these goals being achieved. LHS Sophomore Jacob Duval said “It’s kinda like I found my home, my home amongst the gamers.”