Mrs. Golde and Julia Presenting at the Sept 2023 BOE Meeting

Teacher Heather Golde and student Julia Mullins recently presented at the LCS Board of Education meeting, sharing their exciting expedition titled "Climate Change from Seas to Trees" this summer. This program was made possible through their participation in the JASON Learning Argonaut program, which is designed to inspire and educate the next generation of STEM leaders by allowing students and educators to collaborate with experts in the field.

As part of their expedition, Heather Golde and Julia Mullins had the unique opportunity to join a team of scientists, engineers, and educators in exploring Acadia National Park in Maine. During their time in Acadia National Park, they engaged in hands-on research and fieldwork related to climate change, spanning from the seas to the trees.

In their presentation, they shared their experiences, highlighting the invaluable knowledge they gained during their time working alongside experts. They discussed the various aspects of climate change they explored, such as its impact on the park's ecosystems, wildlife, and landscapes.