Mrs. Pritchard Presents to London Rotary

London City Schools Director of Curriculum, Kylie Pritchard, recently delivered an informative presentation to the esteemed members of the Rotary Club of London. The focal point of her talk was the newly enacted Ohio law and London City Schools' proactive measures within the district. Pritchard shared a comprehensive overview of the legislation, highlighting key aspects such as Dyslexia Screening Measures, Professional Development, Structured Literacy Certification Process, and the creation of a dedicated Dyslexia Committee. Through these initiatives, London City Schools aims to foster a preventive and equitable approach to ensure literacy for all students.

During her presentation, Pritchard emphasized the importance of early identification and intervention for students with dyslexia. The implementation of Dyslexia Screening Measures within London City Schools will allow educators to identify struggling readers at an early stage and provide targeted support. Furthermore, Pritchard discussed the district's commitment to ongoing Professional Development, ensuring that teachers and staff receive the necessary training and resources to effectively support students with dyslexia. The introduction of a Structured Literacy Certification Process will further enhance the expertise of educators in teaching literacy skills to students with dyslexia. Finally, the formation of a dedicated Dyslexia Committee demonstrates London City Schools' commitment to a collaborative approach, involving various stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive and inclusive strategy to tackle dyslexia within the district. Through these proactive measures, London City Schools strives to create a supportive and nurturing learning environment that empowers every student to achieve their full potential.