A student project of a 3D printed T-Rex skull

LES 4th grade students are being given the exciting opportunity to use technology to build a display case for a "priceless artifact." This project will require students to use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to design a case that will protect the artifact while allowing it to be seen from all sides. The use of a 3D printer means that students will be able to bring their designs to life in a tangible way, giving them a greater understanding of the process and the technology.

Once the display case is complete, the students will then work in groups to create a circuit that will turn on lights. This will teach students about the basics of electricity and how to control it, while also introducing them to the world of engineering. By working together, students will be able to build on each other's strengths and develop important teamwork and communication skills. The end result will be a fully functional display case that showcases their creativity and technological expertise.