LCS News

The London City School Board of Education met on Tuesday, January 15th to hold its annual organizational meeting and the Board’s regular monthly meeting. At the onset of the meeting, Mr. Curtis Brooks and Mr. Stahl were sworn in to begin their terms on the Board. Mr. Stahl won reelection in November. Mr. Brooks was appointed to the Board for a two year term in, when no candidate ran for the position in the November 2019 election. During the organizational meeting, the Board re-approved Mr. Darryl Brown and Mr. Jonathan Stahl as President and Vice-President, respectively. Both Board Members served in the same role during 2019. 

In addition, the Board made the following annual approvals and appointments:

  • Appointed Mr. Brooks and Mr. Brown as delegates to the Ohio School Board Annual Conference;

  • Appointed Mr. Donovan Cooper as legislative liaison to Ohio School Boards Association;

  • Established regular meeting dates for the year. These dates are listed on the district’s website under Board of Education and included on the district’s calendar;

  • Made the following committee appointments:

    • London Community Foundation: Mr. Stahl 

    • Tax Abatement Committee Liaison: Mr. Marvin Homan

    • London City Schools Foundation Board: Mr. Brown and Mr. Brooks

    • Business Advisory Council (BAC): Mr. Cooper and Mr. Brown

    • Facilities and Finance Committee: Mr. Homan and Mr. Stahl

    • OSBA Central Region Chapter Liaison: Mr. Stahl

  • The Board also made several, routine annual approvals.

During the regular meeting, Ms. Blind updated the Board that the district’s annual audit was nearing completion. Several routine business items were approved based on the Treasurer’s recommendation. During his superintendent’s remarks, Dr. Kramer updated the board that discussions were being held regarding pending graduation requirement changes. More information was expected to be shared during the February meeting on this topic. In addition, Dr. Kramer asked the Board to keep District Bowling Coach Bill Birmele in their thoughts. Coach Birmele, who has been a long time supporter of the district and advocate for the bowling program, is battling cancer. 

Highlights of other Board action taken during the meeting:

  • Held a final reading and approved three (3) revised district policies;

  • Approved routine personnel items;

  • Conducted updates for Board committees. 

Minutes of each meeting are approved the following month and then posted here. The next meeting of the Board of Education will be on February 11th beginning at 6:30 pm in room 311 of London High School.