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The London City School District Board of Education updated its 2023-2024 District Academic Calendar during its regular meeting on October 10th. The minor change was due to new state regulations contained within House Bill 33, which went into effect earlier this month.

The new regulations made it particularly difficult for school districts to make up calamity days through blended learning. Therefore, London and many other districts, have updated academic calendars with contingency plans similar to years past. The district contingency plan for calamity days is listed below:

  1. Calamity Days 1-5 School will be canceled

  2. Calamity Day 6 School will be held on February 16th if possible

  3. Calamity Day 7 School will be held on April 1st if possible

  4. Calamity Day 8+ To be determined if necessary

You can access the approved 2023-2024 District Academic Calendar here.

You can access the approved 2024-2025 District Academic Calendar here.