Mr. Ohr Holds a Town Hall Meeting with 3rd Grade

Third-grade students recently had the opportunity to participate in their very first Town Hall meeting, a tradition that fosters a sense of community and recognition within the school. Assistant Principal Ohr presided over this special assembly, where the students came together to celebrate various accomplishments and milestones. The meeting started with a Recognition and Celebration of Birthdays for all the students born in August and September, setting a cheerful tone for the gathering. It was heartwarming to witness the excitement on the faces of these young learners as they received birthday wishes from their peers and teachers.

During this Town Hall meeting, the school community also acknowledged and celebrated the outstanding achievements of its students. The ceremony included the presentation of TEAM Raider Awards, recognizing teamwork and collaboration, and the prestigious RAIDER Way Award, a special administrative honor bestowed upon students who have exhibited exceptional behavior and a commitment to upholding the school's values. Additionally, there were friendly competitions, such as the Golden Dust Pan, awarded to the cleanest classroom, the Golden Plate for the best lunchroom behavior, and the Golden Plunger for maintaining the cleanest bathroom. These awards not only motivate students to excel but also promote a sense of responsibility and community pride within the school. The monthly Town Hall meetings serve as a platform for recognizing and celebrating the collective achievements of the students, reinforcing the importance of the Raider Way and creating a positive and inclusive school environment.