London Leaders at the School Safety Conference

London City Schools demonstrated a strong and impressive presence at the 2023 Ohio School Safety Summit. The event saw attendees, including School Board President Mr. Donovan Cooper, School Resource Officer Eric Langham, Assistant Superintendent Carla Shaw, and members of the Madison County Emergency Management Agency, including Director Deb Sims (not pictured) and Deputy Director Holly Langham. Their active participation showcased the district's commitment to ensuring comprehensive safety within educational institutions. Through their engagement in the various keynotes and breakout sessions led by subject matter experts, London City Schools exemplified their dedication to stay informed about best practices, case studies, and evidence-based approaches related to both physical and emotional safety. Moreover, the event provided a valuable opportunity for representatives from London City Schools to network with public safety, mental health, safety experts, vendors, and community leaders, fostering relationships that will undoubtedly contribute to advancing safety practices in their community and beyond.