The View from the London Lounge

The London High School Sports Management Class is an internship program designed for students to examine the operations and business aspects of the sports industry. This month, the group is applying that knowledge in creating the “London Lounge,” a new, unique seating opportunity at athletic events taking place inside Chadwell Gymnasium. Located in the overlook of the gym, the London Lounge is a box suite-like seating area, which includes table tops and stools situated along the railing of the overlook. Like a luxury box at college and professional events, box tickets include food and drinks delivered during the game.

To start the initiative, the class pitched the LHS administration and Dr. Kramer for permission. Once granted, the team then sought a partnership with Rent-2-Own to provide furniture for the Lounge. The class is working with local restaurants and businesses to provide upgraded food options for patrons for each game.

Tickets for the London Lounge are $15, which includes entry into the event, premium seating, food, and drinks. Tickets require a code and must be purchased through the district’s online ticketing site. All 12 seats of the London Lounge may be rented for $150. Those interested in purchasing London Lounge tickets should reach out to Athletic and Student Activities Secretary, Melissa Peterman, at or Athletic and Student Activities Director, Jim Wolverton, at