LCS Mission

Dear London Families,

This week is Homecoming. It is an exciting time of the year as students prepare for annual activities such as the Homecoming Parade, FFA Pork Loin Dinner, Running of the L, and of course, the Homecoming game and dance. The fact that we are planning these activities demonstrates the long way we have come since last year at this time. Knowing that these events will be held with some differences than in year’s past, shows the hold the pandemic continues to have on society and our schools.

Every activity that takes place in the public nowadays, including going to school, carries a risk of contracting COVID19. Our district is working to provide parents with educational options within London Unlimited to match their comfort level at this stage of the pandemic. In addition, the district continues to support access to the vaccine for those eligible, encourages the use of a facial covering indoors for any individual on campus, follows protocols for disinfecting surfaces, and supports physical distancing to the extent possible and practical. Given these procedures and others, parents must continue to determine their level of comfort and match how their children receive their education whether it be in person or hybrid/virtual through London Unlimited. If parents choose in person instruction, parents can layer additional protections including having their student wearing a facial covering and receive the COVID19 vaccination if eligible.

As of this morning, five (5) individuals in our district have an active case of COVID19. This has resulted in 37 individuals currently being quarantined. A total of 29 confirmed cases, which have been verified by a doctor, have been reported in the school district this year. Right now, this number is significantly lower when compared to other districts in the area. We suspect that similar to our community, there are more cases, which go undiagnosed either because symptoms are very mild and difficult to detect or families do not seek a formal test. Finally, it is important to note that we are seeing an increased rate of illness overall, not just related to COVID. All in all our daily student and staff attendance rates are holding steady, slightly lower than a typical school year.

Moving forward, it will be recommended that our current Continuity of Service plan remain in place. This means that the district will continue to provide fully in person classes with facial coverings being highly recommended but not required for all individuals, who visit an indoor area on campus. Masks will continue to be required by CDC order on district transportation. A recommendation to alter the district’s plan could be made if the confirmed cases and/or quarantines make a significant increase in a short period of time. London’s Continuity of Service plan can be accessed from our website by choosing London City Schools COVID19 Resources from the district menu on our homepage. A public comment form is provided for community members to submit input.

I hope to see many of you during our Homecoming festivities later this week. Thank you for your continued support this school year.

Kind regards,

Dr. Lou Kramer 

District Superintendent