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The London City School District has made a concerted effort over the last several years in order to lessen the burden of school fees on district families. Pay-to-participate fees for district activities were cut in half several years ago and again temporarily last year during the beginning of the pandemic. During its June 2021 regular meeting, the Board of Education took another step and voted to eliminate school fees altogether for all elementary and middle school students this year. 

Keeping with the district mantra of “#londonpossible,” each of these moves was an attempt to eliminate barriers for families, so students can access all of the district’s programs more effectively. Combined with access to free breakfast and lunches this year (See Upgraded Food Options & Free Meals! Check Out Changes To London's Food Service Program for more details), out-of-pocket fees for elementary families have been all but eliminated, while middle school families will pay a $40 per sport fee for students to participate on school athletic teams. High School course fees and pay-to-participate fees will remain in place but will be scrutinized for future years.