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The London City School District has partnered with Chartwells, a Food Service Management Company, in order to upgrade quality and participation in its food service program next year. The district published a request for a proposal for food service management back in March 2021 and received three bids. After careful review by a district committee, a recommendation was made and approved by the entire Board during its regular May meeting. Chartwells is an industry leader in overseeing foodservice programs and currently works with organizations such as The Ohio State University and Dublin City Schools among others.

In recent years, the district’s food service program has ceased to be self-sufficient, requiring money to be transferred from its general fund in order to support the program. It is expected that Chartwells will be able to use its purchasing power, experience, and resources to lower costs and greatly increase participation in both breakfast and lunch.

Unfortunately, this recommendation will affect the food service supervisor position, which will be reduced for the coming year. This partnership, however, does not currently change the employment of any other London City School District employee. The district remains committed to working with its local public school employee association on this and other issues.

Look for more information on the partnership as the new school year approaches.