During its June 27th, 2023 Regular Meeting, the London City School District Board of Education passed the final resolution to place a request to renew its income tax on the November 7th, 2023 ballot. The district’s income tax is a five-year, one-percent, traditional income tax that was first passed by voters in 2004 and enacted in 2005. The levy is vital to the fiscal health of the district as it provides over 20% ($4,447,971) of the district’s current general revenue. The issue has been renewed three times including most recently in November of 2019 by a 2/3rds majority, the highest margin in district history. The district’s request is to renew and make continuous an existing levy that has been in place since 2005. The passage of the levy request would not raise taxes.

The following language will appear on the November ballot:

Shall an annual income tax of 1.00% on the school district income of individuals and of estates be imposed by the London City School District, to renew an income tax expiring at the end of 2025, for a continuing period of time, beginning January 1, 2026, for the purpose of providing for the current operating expenses of the School District?



Citizens with questions regarding the levy or the district’s financial status are asked to contact Dr. Kramer or Ms. Blind at the contact information below:

Dr. Lou Kramer, Superintendent

740.852.5700, ext. 2345

Kristine Blind, Treasurer

740.852.5700, ext. 2113