The London City School District will celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math during its upcoming STEAM Festival set for Saturday, April 1st, so when the Board of Education voted during its regular March meeting to add an art position at London Elementary School for next year, it was perfect timing.

LCS has a long tradition of success in the visual arts as evidenced by students being selected for the Governor’s Show Top 300 and earning top honors in the Kurt Lattimer contest each year. However, an elementary art program was always lacking. This will change for next school year. By adding an elementary art program, the district is looking to foster an outlet for student self-expression, a greater appreciation of others, and another way to build problem-solving skills. In addition, a focus on art education can enhance student performance across the curriculum.

LCS is constantly reevaluating programs and positions and is able to add the elementary art position without a net cost to the district thanks to a restructuring of other district programs. Efforts to recruit the new art teacher will begin immediately.