Mr. Greenlee and Mr. Geib

In the Spring of 2019, the London City School District published its Portrait of a Graduate, highlighting the essential skills and attitudes necessary for district graduates to succeed in college and careers. Our district uses the Portrait of a Graduate to help design meaningful teaching and learning experiences for our students. In a similar way during the Spring of 2022, the London City School District worked to identify and publish the most valued skills and dispositions that educators should demonstrate on a daily basis to help prepare our students to be future-ready. These skills include:

  • Effective Communication,

  • Focused on Relationship-Building,

  • Being Flexible and Adaptable,

  • Demonstrating High Integrity; and,

  • Being a Role-Model for Life-Long Learning.

LHS Spanish Teacher, Roy Greenlee, was recognized during the March Regular Board of Education meeting for substantially demonstrating the district’s Portrait of an Educator. Congratulations Mr. Greenlee!

Nominated by a Parent:

As a parent of a shy Freshman, my student was not thrilled with having to take a foreign language, especially because the course requires students to talk and interact in front of others. That being said, Mr. Greenlee has done a masterful job of making my student feel welcomed and encouraged. Mr. Greenlee is also deserving of this recognition because he focuses his efforts on getting students to master the skills he is teaching not just on grades. He provides makeup opportunities for some assignments and also works one-on-one with students if needed.

Mr. Greenlee is very focused on being involved and building relationships with students. In the classroom, he plans creative lessons using the 3D printer and plans activities with other teachers. Outside of the classroom he is a coach, plans and takes students on trips abroad, and attends sporting events just to show support to his students outside of the classroom. 

I am proud to nominate Mr. Greenlee for this award. He is an outstanding representative for the district’s Portrait of an Educator.

Nominated by Mrs. Shaw:

Roy Greenlee is an exceptional Spanish teacher who embodies the qualities of effective communication, relationship-building, flexibility, high integrity, and life-long learning. He has a natural talent for connecting with his students and effectively communicating his ideas, using a variety of teaching methods to ensure that his students understand the material. His patient and attentive listening skills encourage his students to ask questions and engage in discussions, creating a positive learning environment where students feel comfortable and confident in expressing themselves.

Roy is also focused on building strong relationships with his students by getting to know each of them personally, understanding their learning styles, interests, and motivations, and tailoring his lessons to the individual needs of his students. His commitment to cultural learning is reflected in his organization of cultural trips to Spanish-speaking countries, which provide his students with an immersive and comprehensive understanding of the language and culture they are learning about in the classroom.

In addition to his impressive teaching abilities, Roy incorporates project-based learning activities, such as the Telanovela project and elementary book writing and illustration, as well as the incorporation of food, which provide engaging and creative learning experiences for his students. These activities not only enhance his students' language skills but also foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of the culture.

Roy is the London Unlimited Spanish teacher, which requires a significant amount of flexibility and adaptability, as he must adjust his teaching methods to accommodate the unique learning environment of students learning a foreign language online. His dedication to teaching Spanish 1, 2, and 3, as well as his work as the London Unlimited Spanish teacher, his pursuit of a doctorate, and his organization of cultural learning trips, all speak to his commitment to providing a comprehensive and engaging education to his students.

Overall, Roy Greenlee's commitment to effective communication, relationship-building, flexibility, high integrity, and life-long learning make him a role model for educators everywhere. His dedication to improving his teaching methods and providing immersive cultural experiences for his students demonstrate his unwavering commitment to providing a quality education that prepares his students for success in the global community.

Students, parents, and fellow educators are encouraged to nominate outstanding London teachers, who significantly demonstrate the district’s Portrait of an Educator. Nominations can be made by filling out this nomination form.