Picture of Proposal Turf Softball Field

The London City School District recently took another step toward upgrading its campus to better serve students and the community. During its February regular meeting on Tuesday, February 14th, the Board of Education voted to approve a contract with the Maumee Bay Turf Center to install field turf for the entirety of the Ralph Cornwell Softball Field and the infield of E.L. Sonny Wheeler Baseball field. The same vendor installed field turf on Bowlus Field 7 years ago.

The district is hoping for the following benefits from the project: 

  1. Increase the amount of playing time for student-athletes throughout the year, particularly during the spring competition season. The field turf is expected to significantly decrease weather-related cancellations for both softball and baseball and to increase opportunities for all athletes, especially junior varsity athletes who are subject to more cancellations than their varsity counterparts.

  2. Increase the access for student-athletes from other sports to train on turf throughout the year. 

  3. Provide additional space for area youth programs to use.

  4. Provide an additional revenue stream to fund future athletic upgrades. Similar to Bowlus Field, the fields are expected to generate revenues through tournaments and facility rentals.

Due to keen fiscal stewardship over the last several years, the district plans to self-fund the project. As such, the project was included as part of the district’s most recent five-year forecast. Construction is expected to begin in late summer of 2023 with the first pitch for both fields being in the Spring of 2024.