LMS Students Working During the School's Hour of Code

London Middle School recently participated in the Hour of Code, a global initiative that aims to introduce students to computer science and coding. The school organized a series of coding activities, puzzles, and games for the students to participate in, with different levels of difficulty to cater to different skill levels.

The Hour of Code provided a fun and interactive way for students to learn the basics of coding and computer science. It not only helped the students develop problem-solving skills but also provided them with an opportunity to work collaboratively and creatively. By participating in the Hour of Code, the middle school was able to expose its students to the world of technology, thereby empowering them to be more innovative and entrepreneurial in the future.

In addition to the middle school's successful participation in the Hour of Code, the high school and elementary school are also preparing to participate in this global event. The high school will be participating in the Hour of Code on February 22, while the elementary school will be participating on February 24.