Student Support

London City Schools is striving to meet these 5 goals:

  1. All students will be prepared for individual success.
  2. All students will experience high achievement and constant growth.
  3. All students will have access to a variety of opportunities.
  4. All Stakeholders will have a positive user experience with our district.
  5. The London City Schools will demonstrate effective stewardship with all district resources.

London City Schools values the whole child and is committed to providing an optimal learning environment for each student. This means highly skilled teachers and support staff united by our educational mission and an understanding of how important it is for each child to have their physical, social, and emotional needs met.

Important to meeting these goals is our values and the outcomes we expect:

  1. We deal in HOPE. We accept the responsibility we have to serve our community and do so in a positive and optimistic manner. The outcome? Happy, open, passionate, enthusiastic students, staff and stakeholders.
  2. WE, not me. We understand and celebrate the diversity and value that each person brings to our organization. The outcome? Leaders who serve. Staff who show empathy. Students who care.
  3. We do things on PURPOSE. We believe in discipline behavior and default behavior. The outcome? Sustained individual and organizational growth.
  4. CHANGE happens. Be prepared to pivot. We believe problems, if solved correctly, are in fact opportunities to be awesome. The outcome? Creative problem solvers who possess grit.
With this in mind, WELCOME to the Office of Student Support!