The London City Schools’ Science curriculum is based upon Ohio’s Academic Content Standards for science and is designed around six standards. The first three are thought of as “content standards,” whereas the final three are more “process-oriented:”

  • Earth and Space Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Science and Technology
  • Scientific Inquiry
  • Scientific Ways of Knowing

The science curriculum is designed around the philosophy that students become scientifically literate by seeking to understand essential concepts, knowledge, and skills through active processes that maintain high expectations. We believe that science instruction should help students:

  • make connections between physical, life and Earth and space sciences
  • learn about the historical development of scientific knowledge and its impact on the principles of science
  • develop awareness of the role of science and its global implications for society
  • become informed citizens, capable of making generalizations and decisions while recognizing the limitations and possibilities of science
  • develop scientific habits of mind as they use the processes of scientific inquiry, including:
    • Communication
    • Observation
    • Measurement
    • Inference
    • Classification
    • Technology
    • value continued learning.

Over the course of their K-5 experiences, students have repeated exposure and experiences with each of the six academic content standards for science. Units of study are developed for Earth and Space, Life, and Physical Science at each grade level. The “process” standards are integrated into the three “content” standards units.