Raider Remote Learning


Welcome to Raider Remote Learning! We are excited to offer a full virtual option for students K-12 this school year. Raider Remote Learning is a program within London City Schools that allows students the flexibility to alter their schedule while still gaining a high-quality education from London City Schools. This program uses virtual instruction using the district’s School PLP software and is facilitated by LCS highly qualified teachers to help all students succeed at learning. Kylie Pritchard, Director of Teaching & Learning and Carla Shaw, LHS Assistant Principal will serve as district administrators for Raider Remote Learning.

Checking Student Progress

A student’s progress and daily activity can be viewed on the home page of SchoolsPLP. Please review the student progress help document to familiarize yourself. This document will also be posted in Google Classroom for easy reference.

Raider Remote Teachers

LCS teachers will be providing support throughout the learning process with Raider Remote students. The curriculum is self-paced and students will be expected to move through lessons individually. LCS teachers will provide monitoring, support, and individualized instruction when needed. Daily office hours will be posted in each teacher’s Google Classroom. Virtual class meetings will be posted in each teacher’s Google Classroom, however, these class meetings will be structured based on student and class needs.

Device & Student Schedule Pickup

Students can pick up a Chromebook on Tuesday, August 18 and Thursday, August 20 from 4:30-6:30 at London High School Commons. Student schedules for students in grades 6-12 can also be picked up during this time. If you are unable to pick up your student device, please let us know.

Supply List

K-5 students will need basic supplies for home use. Items should include #2 pencils, box of crayons, glue stick, scissors, and wide rule loose leaf paper. Some materials will need to be picked up at LES. Pick up times will be communicated by Raider Remote teachers.

6-12 students will need basic supplies for home use. Items should include #2 pencils and college rule loose leaf paper. Some materials will need to be picked up at LMS or LHS. Pick up times will be communicated by Raider Remote teachers.

Google Classroom

Each teacher will be creating a Google Classroom and inviting students to join prior to the first day of school, Monday, August 24. Google Classroom will be used for student/parent/teacher communication. This invitation will be sent to the student's school email address.

(user name: firstname.lastname@londonk12.me, password )

Daily Office Hours

Each teacher will post daily office hours in Google Classroom. The purpose of office hours is to have an open time when students can contact a teacher for individualized support. Meetings can be scheduled through Google Meet, Zoom, or by phone call.

Beginning of Year Assessments K-8

Students K-8 will need to complete iReady Diagnostic assessment in Reading and Math. Teachers will be reaching out in the first week of school to schedule times to complete this assessment. Students will be scheduled in small groups and following physical distancing protocols.

Attendance/Daily Login

Students are not required to log in at a specific time each day. However, virtual class meetings are encouraged to help facilitate student learning and social-emotional health. Attendance will be tracked based on a student's weekly engagement and participation in the SchoolsPLP course. Students will be marked as present or absent per week. In order to provide flexibility with access and engagement in the course, attendance is "all or nothing" for the week. Students may, but will not be required to, participate during traditional school hours. Students will have 24-hour access to the courses and are expected to engage and submit assessments daily (school days). Attendance will be updated through Progressbook on a weekly basis, at the beginning of the week based on the student's activity during the previous week. Parents/guardians must contact the school if their student is ill or otherwise unable to participate in the online coursework for one or more school days. Parents/guardians do not need to contact the school if a student is ill in the morning, but able to participate in the coursework later that day. Parents will be notified if a student has been marked absent for the previous week. Unless notified of an illness or excused absence, students who will be marked as "unexcused."

First Day of School

Raider Remote students' first day of school is August 24th. Students will be expected to login to SchoolsPLP and begin with lessons on this day. Teachers will post in Google Classroom for virtual meetings and office hours for August 24 and the first week of school.