Broadcast and Media Production


518 BROADCAST & VIDEO PRODUCTION 1 (0.5/0.5): These courses are designed for students interested in learning the
technical and creative aspects of audio and video production. Students will follow the basic steps of pre-production,
production, and post-production process required to create a successful video. Students in this class will assist in the
production of the school’s daily video announcements. Cost – Course fees.

539 BROADCAST & VIDEO PRODUCTION 2 (0.5/0.5): Prerequisite: A grade of 2.0 unweighted in Broadcast & Video
Production 1 or recommendation from a teacher. Students will extensively cover Adobe Photoshop, an industry standard in
digital imaging manipulation. These students also assist with the production of the daily video announcements that are
broadcast throughout London High School, which involves gathering stories related to the school and community and
broadcasting the production, as well as other video productions. (Repeatable with instructor permission.) Cost – Course
516 DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY (0.5): Digital Photography introduces the basic principles and applications of digital
photography as an integral part of today’s digital literacy needs. In the course we will learn the manipulation of camera
controls, exposure, lighting, and flash. The course will also introduce extensive time in Adobe Photoshop, which is the
industry standard in digital photography manipulation. Digital Photography is a technology credit, but does not count as an art
credit. Cost – Course fee.

544 PERSONAL KEYBOARDING (0.5): This course is designed to meet all students’ word processing needs. It provides an
opportunity to learn how to operate and to master the keyboard by the touch system. Skills that are covered include
processing business forms, centering, vertical and horizontal placement, proofreading, spelling, setting up tabulations, etc.
Software used is Microsoft Word.

511 WEB DESIGN I (0.5): Previous knowledge of word processing software is helpful to have had prior to signing up for this
semester-long class. In this class, students will learn the basics of how to design web pages. Students will cover the history
of the web, basic coding, and designing simple pages. Students will use Macromedia Studio software for this class.

512 WEB DESIGN II (0.5): Prerequisites: Web Design I or recommendation from a teacher. Web Design II covers how to
design a website. How the structure and naming become issues are also topics included in the class. 



WLMS is a unique short video broadcast station that informs and helps connect our school to important topics. No matter what they do, either a broadcast over the radio or a TV broadcast, each teacher plays that broadcast for their students in their respective classes. Every broadcast is ended with our motivational motto "Remember, the LMS way leads to a great day!" Occasionally we will run a PSA to try and keep our school clean and healthy. Our show is educational, informative, and entertaining.