Grant to Help Provide Substance Abuse and Social-Emotional Learning Resources for the 2020-2021 School Year

Students Matter at London Middle School

Out of School Suspensions

During the last school year, London Elementary School (1045 students) had 20 total out of school suspensions, which was significantly lower than the school average of 31 OSS per year.

London Middle School (492 students) had 45 total suspensions, which was 45% lower than average.

London High School (646 students) had 40 total suspensions, which is about equal to the number from the previous year.

Overall, the London City School District (2,191 students) issued 105 suspensions during the 2019-2020 school year, which is significantly lower to the district’s three-year average (151).

Student Attendance

Student Attendance


LCS implemented PBIS systems in each school with fidelity in the Fall of 2017 and continues to tailor this process.

The district entered into an agreement with The Counseling Source to provide counseling services to district students during the school day (March 2016).

LCS hired a district Student Services Specialist, who will support the social and emotional well being of students (January 2016).

Goal #2: Ensure Individual Success

Goal #2


  1. Each district school will achieve an attendance rate of at least 94% annually.

  2. Each district school will decrease the number of total out-of-school suspensions annually (compared to the three-year average).


  1. Throughout the current school year, the district will continue to implement a system of Positive Behavior Intervention and Support in each district school, which will include strategies designed to improve student discipline, increase attendance, and provide numerous safety nets to support students.

  2. Throughout the current school year, the district will implement a universal referral and screening process to identify students who may be in need of greater social, emotional, or physical support.

  3. The district will begin to focus on social-emotional learning by completing at least one Panorama assessment. An ad hoc, district committee will make data-based recommendations for improving district programs.

  4. The London City School District will continue to partner with the Madison County Family and Children First Council in order to streamline and coordinate services for district students throughout the year.