E Days Instructional Resources

Calamity Day Alternative Makeup Plan

With winter approaching, London City Schools may have to close school due to inclement weather. School districts may make up no more than three days by posting assignments on their websites for students to complete. LCS will have traditional “snow days” for days one through five missed due to the school closing. Beginning with day six, LCS will use an “E Day.” The purpose of the “E Day” is to allow LCS the ability to use the time out of the classroom due to inclement weather as a traditional class day. The district will be granted the hours necessary to fulfill a school day by providing students with at home learning opportunities that align to state standards.

In the event of inclement weather and school closing on day six, day seven, and day eight, students will be expected to complete “E Day” assignments. Your student’s teacher(s) have put together assignments for each of these days. On an “E Day,” it will be announced through One Call, social media posts, and an email blast that students are expected to work on “E Day” assignments. Students will be counted present for an “E Day” by completing all assignments for all courses/subjects. The student’s attendance will be altered based on the assignments completed.

Students will have two weeks to complete and turn in all assigned work on an “E Day.” LCS understands that although most households have access to online resources, not all students have that same opportunity. To help students, paper copies will be made available the following day to students at the school. As always, students will have the opportunity to work with their teacher to receive additional help on those assignments if needed.

All “E Day” assignments will be posted on the district website, by selecting “Academics” and then “E Day Instructional Resources.” This tab will provide additional information regarding “E Days” and also organize all teacher assignments. With LCS now employing technology on a wide scale the strategy to use “E Days” will help students and teachers integrate technology resources more effectively.

Thank you in advance for helping to ensure that “E Days” incorporate learning and help keep students on a routine. If you have any questions, please contact your student’s teacher or building principal.