E Days Frequently Asked Questions

What is an “E-Day”?

An “E-Day” is a term used to refer to how a school district can now make up a lost day of instruction using resources online. School districts may make up no more than three (3) days by posting assignments on their websites for students to complete.

Why is London implementing E-Days ?

The option to use E-Days and blizzard bags (hard copies of assignments sent home with students to complete) has been around since 2011. With London now employing technology on such a wide scale (i.e. 1:1 for all students 6-12, a blended learning program in London Unlimited, and the expanded use of Google Classroom across the district) the strategy to use E-Days will help students and teachers integrate technology resources more effectively.

What does an E-Day look like from a student perspective?

When the district has cause to cancel school, the district will establish a window for students to complete “E-Day” assignments. An announcement will be made to students and parents regarding the availability and due date of assignments, as well as resources available for students. Students will have two weeks to complete and turn in all assigned work. In the case of an “E-Day” completed student assignments not only count as part of a student’s course grade but also as credit for attending on a missed day.

How is a student counted as “present” for an E-Day?

Students will be counted fully present for an “E-Day” by completing all assignments for all courses assigned for the day. Therefore, student attendance on an E-Day depends on how/if a student completes the assigned work.

For example, a high school student may be scheduled to take 7 classes during a regular school day. The student will be assigned seven (7) assignments during a scheduled E-Day. If the student completes all assignments, they will be counted as present for the day. If a student only completes 4 of the 7 assignments, they will be counted as present for part of the day. If the student chooses not to complete any assignments, the student will be listed as absent for the entire day.

How is the district working to prepare and implement an E-Day that is instructionally meaningful for students?

The district used a portion of its fall professional development days to plan for the implementation of E-Days.

What is required of a teacher in preparing and implementing an E-Day?

Teachers will be required to provide meaningful assignments for students, which would be considered similar to the work completed on a normal school day. Lessons should place an emphasis on student learning and provide relevant, timely, and challenging assignments. E-Day lessons could include:

  • A continuation or extension of current lesson or unit objectives.
  • Individualized adaptive assessments and lessons targeting specific student needs using district instructional software or district programs such as PEAK12, Raz Kids, Accelerated Reader.
  • Activities included as a long-term focus of the course, perhaps as established as a Student Learning Objective at the beginning of the year.
  • Meaningful work integrated as part of a midcourse review.
  • Other lessons or activities, which would advance student classroom learning.

While the majority of work assigned during an E-Day will be completed outside of class, teachers should incorporate some time during the E-Day completion window to support students with assignments. Student success on assignments and ultimately advanced learning should remain the priority above all else.

How will this process be evaluated?

The district will continue to review input from stakeholders in order to improve the process of providing E-Days.

What happens if a child does not have a computer at home?

The district recognizes that although most households have access to online resources not all students have the same opportunities. To assist in the process, when an E-Day is scheduled, the district will also advertise and host open computing times and be staffed by district teachers. In addition, teachers and principals will provide additional opportunities for students before, during, or immediately after the school day.

How are special classes like music, physical education, and PE handled?

Students will be required to complete an assignment for each class on their schedule. This includes appropriate assignments for music, art, and other special courses. To assist in preparing meaningful activities, the elementary and middle schools are considering a rotation of these courses for each E-Day.