London City School District Strategic Plan: Shifting Skill Set to Mind Set

Student success is our mission! #londonpossible

The London City School District is working hard to be a premier school district both in Madison County and beyond. As such, the district has established a strategic plan to move the skills students learn as part of our schools to mindsets for future success in college and careers.

District Mission

In our commitment to excellence, London City Schools will provide high quality education to prepare every student for life's challenges and opportunities in an ever-changing world.

District Values

  1. We deal in hope.
  2. We, before me.
  3. We do things on purpose.
  4. Change happens. Be prepared to pivot.

District Goals

  1. All London City School District students will experience high achievement and constant growth.
  2. All London City School District students will be prepared for individual success.
  3. All London City School District students will have access to a variety of academic, athletic, and extracurricular opportunities.
  4. All stakeholders will have a positive "user experience" with the London City School District.
  5. The London City School District will demonstrate effective stewardship with all district resources.

2019-2020 Do Projects

During staff convocation at the onset of the 2019-2020 school year, Dr. Kramer challenged administrators and staff to identify a project they are passionate about, one that can make a profound positive impact on the district, and keeping with the district's values of "Doing things on purpose" - "DO."

The following "DO" projects are results of that challenge:

The Super and The Shu Podcast (Lou Kramer and Dillan Shumaker)

Red Raider Esports Team (Dillan Shumaker)