District Partner: Jason Learning


Watch Dr. Kramer’s Call for Argonauts here!

The London City School District is partnering with JASON Learning to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for one London student in 2020. Named after the mythical Greek explorers, the chosen Argonaut will have an opportunity to experience a STEM expedition sometime during the 2019-2020 school year or possibly the summer of 2020. For a description and more details on the argonaut program, please visit the Argonaut webpage.

Students will apply to be a part of the Argonaut program but not a particular trip. JASON Learning will match students with a trip that meets their interests and logistics. The trip is free for students and essential gear provided. Students must, however, provide for shots, clothes, travel documents, etc.

Who Should Apply?

Students who:

  • Will be between 13-17 years old on June 1, 2020;

  • Demonstrate a strong interest and ability in science;

  • Possess excellent leadership and teamwork skills;

  • Are self-motivated, creative, and adventurous;

  • Possess (or are willing to learn!) excellent communication skills;

  • Exhibit an eagerness to participate in field activities which may be outdoors and/or strenuous in nature;

  • Have ideally used JASON in an educational setting.

Note: For students with special needs, accommodations may be made consistent with the student’s’ IEP.

Applications for the Argonaut program are now available!! All applications will be due on or before December 6th, 2019. A final decision on the successful applicant will be made before January 1st, 2020.