Board Committees

Board Representatives and Liaisons

  1. London Community Foundation: J. Stahl
  2. Tax Abatement Committee Liaison: M. Homan
  3. London City Schools Foundation Board: D. Brown /C. Brooks
  4. Business Advisory Council: D. Cooper / D. Brown
  5. Finance and Bulidings/Grounds Committee: M.Homan/J. Stahl
  6. OSBA Central Region Chapter Liaison: J. Stahl
  7. Tolles Board of Education (through 2020): C. Brooks
  8. London City Schools Safety Committee: D. Cooper

Business Advisory Council

The London City School District participates as a collaborative partner in the Madison County Business Advisory Council.

The mission of the Madison County Business Advisory Council is to develop the connections between Madison County businesses and the four local schools, the career center and the educational service center. The connection will enhance the educational opportunities for students in the community by providing them with information on local career opportunities and the educational pathway that should be pursued to secure employment. It will look for ways to establish and sustain a talented workforce in Madison County.

For more information you may visit the Madison County Chamber of Commerce BAC webpage

Annual Joint Statement of the Work of the Madison Champaign BAC