Parents Looking to Enroll Students in London Unlimited or Raider Remote Learning Asked to “Opt-In” by August 1st, 2020

As part of the district’s restart plan, London families will continue to have several different educational options in which to choose for the 2020-2021 school year. These options include On-campus, London Unlimited (Grades 6-12), and Raider Remote Learning (Grades K-12) as explained in the chart below. Parents interested in enrolling students in London Unlimited or Raider Remote Learning for the coming school year are asked to complete this online registration form before August 1st, 2020

Please note: Because the district will have to reassign teachers to accommodate more interest in Remote learning, after a two week grace period, students will be required to complete a semester of remote learning before transitioning to London Unlimited or on campus instruction.

Complete ONLY for London Unlimited or Raider Remote Learning. Families interested in on campus instruction DO NOT need to complete this form.

District administration will contact families interested in these options to complete the registration and scheduling process by early August.