LCS Plans for Gradual Opening of District Facilities

The London City School District in collaboration with Madison County Public Health has published a plan to open the use of its facilities for the first time since March. The district will begin to open facilities gradually to ensure all health and wellness of our students and coaches.

During Phase 1 of the opening, which will last from June 1st - June 14th, district facility use will be open for students planning to participate in Fall athletics only. Each student and coach must complete a health screening, sign a waiver in order to participate, and adhere to a number of other stipulations. Individual training sessions will occur in groups limited to 10 individuals or less during this time. More information is being sent to families via final forms.

The district is currently drafting guidelines for opening more facilities during Phase 2 (June 15th - June 30th) and Phase 3 (July 1st - July 31st). It is hoped that this may include community use of facilities as well. More information on Phase 2 and Phase 3 will be shared once completed and approved by Madison County Public Health.