LMS 1:1 Information

London Middle School to Move to 1 to 1 in February 2017

Over the next several months, the London City School District will be piloting a 1:1 technology initiative. The intent is to provide every student (6th – 8th grade) with an electronic device that will enhance the educational experience of our students. Pending the success of the pilot program, it is our intent to expand this initiative to grades 9 through 12 at the start of the 2017-2018 school year.

Over the past several years, London City Schools has purchased over 1,000 chromebook devices. Chromebooks have quickly become a fundamental tool for teachers and students alike. While the familiarity of chromebooks and the chromebook operating system is an essential part of why we have decided to move forward with this technology, there are several other selling features of chromebooks:
  • Cost efficiency
  • 8 hour battery life
  • 4-5 second boot time
  • 11” – 14” screen size
  • Portability (< 3 lbs.)
  • Adequately sized keyboard

The main goals of this technology initiative are the same as all technology initiatives at London City Schools:

  1. Increase student engagement in learning.
  2. Use technology to consume, create, and publish digital content.
  3. Move teachers from substituting technology (typing a paper instead of writing a paper) to modifying and redefining their classrooms with technology (accessing experts through online sources, increasing collaboration between students, etc...)

To prepare students and parents for the added responsibility required to successfully initiate a one-to-one initiative, a Technology Agreement is being written. A Chromebook is an electronic device that allows students to access the Internet. Students log onto the device through an account created by the school. Once signed in the students will have fully filtered web access from home and school. With instant access to the Internet and an email account, it is necessary that in the Technology Agreement we define the ownership and physical responsibility of the device. The agreement requires students and parents to sign off on the responsibility of the device.

Over the past couple of years teachers and students have been equally enthused by the transformation that chromebooks have brought to the classroom. Google Applications for Education allow students to create spreadsheets, word processing documents, electronic presentations, and much more. However, the ability to share documents with other students and with teachers, introduces an entirely new level of collaboration. This 1:1 initiative will allow students to bring this transformative technology home with them and expand learning beyond school hours.

Beyond writing and collaborating on documents, Chromebooks can be used for many other purposes as well:

  • Researching topics online
  • Differentiating instruction and learning
  • Improved classroom management for teachers
  • Less “down time” at the beginning and end of class
  • Online submission and grading of assignments

Over the past 2 years we have nearly doubled the strength and reliability of our wireless infrastructure across the district. Due to these infrastructure improvements, the district is more than ready to take on such an exciting initiative. This initiative will be yet another way we can all continue to #LevelUpLCS and provide our students with unmatched opportunities.

LMS 1:1