Emergency Communication and Notification

Emergency Communication & Notification

COMMUNICATIONS AND NOTIFICATION ANNEX PURPOSE: Communication is a critical part of incident management. This section outlines London Middle School’s communications plan and supports its mission to provide clear, effective internal and external communication between the school, staff, students, parents, emergency responders, the community and media.

Templates for statements/ press releases, the communication plan and media contacts at the major television, Internet, and radio stations are maintained by the Superintendent and are maintained by London City Schools/Board Office and are available electronically.

External Communications: School officials must communicate with the larger school community on how incidents will be addressed on a regular basis. However, once an incident does occur, parents, media and the community at large will receive clear and concise messages from London City Schools about the incident, what is being done and the safety of the children and staff.

Communication with Parents

In the event of an incident, the Superintendent will:

  • Disseminate information via text messages, e-mail, radio announcements, hotline, One Call Now to inform parents about what is known to have happened.
  • Implement a plan to manage phone calls and parents who arrive at school.
  • Describe how the school and school district are handling the situation.
  • Provide information regarding possible reactions of their children and ways to talk with them.
  • Provide a phone number, Website address, or recorded hotline where parents can receive updated incident information.
  • Keep parents about when and where school will resume.
  • After an incident, London Middle School administrators will schedule and attend an open question-and-answer meeting for parents as soon as possible.

    The following practices will be utilized to disseminate information externally when appropriate:

  • Mass Communication System - One Call Now system
  • Social Media: Social Media may be used to disseminate information of a hazard- or threat-situation to students, parents, and the surrounding community.
  • Standard telephone: London Middle School has designated a school telephone number as a recorded “hotline” for parents to call for information during incidents. The goal is to keep other telephone lines free for communication with emergency responders and others. 
  • Computers: A wireless laptop computer may be used for communication both within the school and to other sites. Email may be a useful tool for updating information for staff, other schools in an affected area and the district superintendent. An assigned staff member(s) will post information such as school evacuation, closure or relocation on the homepage of the school and district Website.
  • Fax machines: Possible uses include off-site access to receive and send critical information concerning students and staff members, their locations, and needed telephone numbers, including but not limited to, medical information, release forms and authorizations.
  • School Email: When mass communication of a standard message is necessary a mass email will be sent from an authorized account or user to all staff/faculty or parents as necessary