Update 12/1/2020

Dear Parents and Guardians of the Class of 2024 and 2025,

District leadership, in communication with Prodigy Student Travel, made the very difficult decision to cancel your child’s planned class trip to Washington, DC, originally planned for May 11th-14th. This decision was made because of safety and health concerns for the students and staff, and because at the present time, access to many of the tour sites have limited or no entry. We recognize that this is an activity that many 8th-graders look forward to each year, and we empathize with students and parents alike.

Due to this decision, Prodigy Student Travel will be issuing refunds to the class of 2024 via company check on Friday, December 4, 2020. Refunds will be in line with the established security refund policy, with families receiving a 90% refund of the total trip price of $670, meaning all money paid over $67 will be refunded. Prodigy must retain $67 per family to cover some vendors’ inability to refund Prodigy, as well as for Prodigy’s pay out of standard business insurance premiums, salaries already paid out to former employees, and the standard expenses of running a small business. All told, Prodigy’s refund policy is one of the most liberal in the student travel industry.

Again, we are sorry to have to share this news and look forward to the day when all of our lives are back to normal.

Kelsey Flanik, DC Coordinator

Stephanie Vandergriff, DC Coordinator

cc Michael Belmont, Building Principal

August 10th, 2020

To: London Middle School parents – Class of 2024

Dear Parents;

We are writing to you today to announce to you that the Class of 2024’s planned trip to Washington, DC has been postponed again due to COVID-19.

This pandemic has affected about every walk of life over the past six (6) months, and we are sincerely sorry to have to mention yet another postponement of your student’s trip to DC.

Having said that, we want to inform you of the process moving forward.

It is the school’s and our intention to have both the Class of 2024 and the Class of 2025 go together May 11-14, 2021. With this, parents of the Class of 2024 will receive a revised parent letter, detailing new payment due dates which will be no earlier than January 2021. Class of 2024 parents will have this revised parent letter the first week of school. Class of 2025 parents will have a complete packet of info by mid-September, with no due dates before January 2021.

If you are a Class of 2024 parent who wants to opt out of the planned May 2021 trip, kindly let us know by September 15, 2020. After that date, we will issue refunds for those who request them. Families who opt out will receive a refund check of 90% of the total trip price. To request a refund, please email us at info@prodigystudenttravel.com with your student’s first and last name, and your first and last name, and mention you are with London MS. Refunds will be sent to the address on file when you first registered your student for the trip. Per the security refund policy in place, we will issue a 90% refund of the total trip price of $670. So, anything that you have paid over $67 will be refunded to you. The portion that we have to retain covers the many expenses we’ve incurred over the past year as we planned and looked to implement the tour. Lastly, if you elect to have your student go on the planned May 2021 trip and it ends up being cancelled again, the 90% refund policy will remain in place.

We are extremely grateful for your business and we wish you continued great health in the months to come.


Prodigy Student Travel, Inc.

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About Prodigy

At Prodigy Student Travel, our goal is simple: to provide a safe tour and an educational experience for students, all at a great value for schools and parents. We believe travel is one of the best ways to teach students that anything – anything – is possible! Whether taking a tour of The White House, standing in awe of the sentinels at Arlington National Cemetery, seeing the spectacle of Times Square, or taking in the majesty of the Statue of Liberty, seeing is believing. Prodigy Student Travel helps open your students' eyes—and their minds to a world of possibilities.

Attention Parents (COVID-19)


We know you have been anxiously awaiting news on the status of our Washington DC Trip. We want to thank you for being patient as this is all unchartered waters for all us. With that said, our trip is being postponed. In discussion with Prodigy, we were able to secure October 26th thru October 29th, 2020 for our students to go to DC. Please understand that we are still in constant contact with Prodigy in case something would change. We will keep you updated as we continue to know more specifics.

Thank you,

Kelsey Flanik

Stephanie Vandergriff