Community Engagement

Student Council

London Health & Rehab is a facility for patients who need rehab or extended health care due surgery, accidents or other life changing events. Many times elderly patients need a place to stay long term or a place to live for the rest of their lives. The facility is located just down the road from LMS on Elm St. Often these types of places are short on volunteers as well as supplies for crafts and other activities. London Middle School Student Council has decided to "adopt" London Health & Rehab for the remainder of the school year. They will be spending time with the patients doing crafts, playing games and sometimes just visiting.

Their Activities Director shared with us items that they are in need of. If you would like to make a donation, all items should be dropped off at the Middle School front office. 

Activities Residents Like to do:
  • Bingo—we could really use a new game with ball spinner, ours is completely falling apart. We also always need bingo prizes: snacks, lotion, tissues, hand sanitizer, lotion, chapstick, puzzle books, pop, etc.
  • Music—need new CD players or wireless speakers
  • Cards—regular playing cards and big playing card sets
  • Crossword, word search, puzzle books and trivia books
  • Puzzles—the 300 and 100 piece puzzles are best for them
  • Painting—good acrylic paints and water color paints, good brushes and other painting tools (sponges, daubers, stamping tools), watercolor paper and easels
  • Coloring—we can always use coloring books and desperately need coloring utensils!
  • Balloon ball—blow up beach balls are always In high demand, also pool noodles
  • Physical activities—golf putting set would be fun, indoor volleyball net, badminton racquets
  • Craft materials—we have such a limited budget, some crafting things we always need and I try to keep around are scrapbooking supplies, card making supplies. We always need these items! I have always done kindness rocks in other facilities, this might be something really cool we can collaborate on. I have paint markers, but I do not have any good smooth rocks or spray paint/acrylic sealant right now.
  • Reading—our residents love to read and we will never turn down hand me down books! We are overflowing with magazines, but books we are not
  • Board Games—we do not have any board games, with the exception of a few incomplete chess/checkers sets. I think the residents would REALLY enjoy this.
  • Outings—our residents love to go on outings AND I was getting them out a few times a month, but two major issues have emerged: I don’t have enough people to help me take them out and not all residents have the money to go out. Having volunteers to push wheelchairs would make a world of difference. Raising money for a resident fund for outings and special events for the residents is something I have had on the back burner since I started here, I just haven’t been able to move it to the front burner yet!
  • Small containers with lids
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Dishwashing sponges
  • Small suitcases or overnight bags
  • Cutlery sets
  • Dress shoes (worn or new)
  • Black and brown shoe polish
  • Padlocks, keys, and locks
  • Cloth handkerchiefs
  • Socks
  • Small watering cans
  • Plastic vases
  • Hand sized mirrors
  • Bright placemats
  • Individual napkin holders
  • Sand
  • Tongs
  • Ribbon and yarn
  • Quilting hoops (all sizes)
  • Textured fabric
  • Any containers of all sizes for storing and organizing

Thank you in advance for your help!