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One of my not so subtle guiding principles about cancelling school is when, while checking the roads, I get stuck. Our sudden early morning cloudburst this week, which dropped an inch of snow an hour for several hours, quickly reminded me of this fact firsthand.

Our most recent cancellation was our 5th cancelled day of instruction this year. We have also delayed school 5 times so far. While we are well above the state minimum number of hours of instruction, our approved district academic calendar calls for a specific protocol for future cancellations. If the district had to cancel additional days of school, we would make up those hours of instruction in the following ways:

Day 6 – 8: Makeup work via E Days;
Day 9+: Schedule additional days of instruction on April 22nd and/or added to the end of the school year.
The Board of Education adopted a plan to use “E Days” to make up lost hours of instruction last year. Primarily, the term E Day is used to refer to how students will access their assignments. The district has created a web portal and posted assignments for each course for students in case of another cancelled day.

While not all assignments will be technology based, the strategy to use E-Days is intended to help students and teachers integrate technology resources more effectively.

If/when the district has cause to cancel another day of school, an announcement will be made to students and parents regarding the availability and due date of assignments, as well as resources available for students. Students will have two weeks to complete and turn in all assigned work. In the case of an “E-Day” completed student assignments not only count as part of a student’s course grade but also as credit for attending on a missed day.

You can access a list of frequently asked questions and additional resources regarding E Days here.

You can access a copy of the district academic calendar here