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Joint Safety Statement


For Immediate Release:

Joint Safety Statement

Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

Earlier this evening, administrators from the London City School District and officers from the London City Police Department were made aware of a post on social media regarding a rumor of potential violence at London High School. In the interest of safety, this post was taken seriously and investigated by the police department in cooperation with the school district. The incident was investigated by the London Police Department and considered unfounded.

Our school district enjoys a very productive relationship with our local police department. Officers routinely stop in our schools and interact with our students and staff. However, tomorrow as a precaution, the police department will be much more visible. This will continue as these matters are investigated.

The numerous parents and students who shared this information with the police and with the school administration did the right thing. Parents are asked to continue to discuss safety protocols at school, what to do in the case of emergency, and if they see or hear something to say something. It is equally important for parents to stress the responsible use of social media. Before posting something on social media regarding school safety, please report any suspicious behavior to the police department and school administration and consider the potential ramifications of the post.

Dr. Lou Kramer

London City Schools Superintendent

Chief Glenn Nicol

London Police Department