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District Safety Statement - Thursday, February 22, 2018

Late Wednesday evening, a parent of a London Middle School student reported to the London Police Department that her daughter had received a vague post on social media. The post was received from a person the student did not know and mentioned a pending shooting at an undetermined school. The post did not mention any specifics related to any students or any London Schools nor seems to be related directly to the district. In investigating the incident, the London Police Department determined that the same post was received by students in other districts around the area and was likely a part of an internet hoax playing on last week’s tragedy in Florida.

When it comes to school safety, districts must act in a manner that is appropriate for each particular situation. While all evidence indicates that this situation has nothing to do with the district, LPD and LCS worked together on increased security measures including more visibility at and in our schools.

Our district conducts safety drills in each of our schools in collaboration with the London Police Department no less than four times per year. These drills differ from each other and focus on building effective, emergency, problem-solving strategies for students and staff. As a matter of coincidence, safety drills have been planned to occur in our buildings during the coming weeks.

Students and parents remain a vital part of safety at school. The student and the parent, who reported this post to the police department, did the right thing. Please discuss with your students safety protocols at school, what to do in case of emergency, and encourage them if “they see something to say something.”

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