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District Projects Sustained, Modest Enrollment Growth

During the March 2018 Board of Education meeting, District Superintendent Lou Kramer presented Board members an annual report and five (5) year projection of overall student enrollment. A number of factors indicate that the district will continue a recent modest trend of increased overall enrollment. The number of students across the district rose just over 7% during the last five years. Both the ability of the district to retain students and to attract open enrollment students have contributed to this trend, especially in the most recent two years. During the current school year, 11 of 13 grade levels grew in the number of students compared with the year prior. On average during the last five (5) years, LCS has retained or attracted 20 additional students per year via open enrollment.

The report projects student enrollment will rise slightly more than 4% during the next five years to a high of 2277 students during the 2022 - 2023 school year. Based on the promise of newly available housing in and around London, it is possible that the district will see an additional bump of student enrollment by the end of the five (5) year projection period.

The state of Ohio funds schools on a per student basis. With some exceptions, this means school districts that demonstrate positive enrollment trends can expect more state funding. The opposite is also true meaning lower enrollment may lead to lower state funding. Therefore, it is often financially beneficial for a district to maintain or increase enrollment over time.

The report included the following recommendations:

  1. Continue to invest in programs which focus on achieving district goals, but also work to retain and attract students.

  2. Consider adding staffing at London High School and continued monitoring of staffing levels at London Middle School.

  3. Continue to monitor enrollment factors especially in regards to open enrollment and housing availability.

You can review the report in its entirety here.

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