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London High School and Staples Teaming Up to Provide Seniors and Grads Employment Options
Staples and London High School met on March 7th to discuss ways the office supply chain company and LHS could partner with each other to create opportunities for students who are looking to better themselves while in high school or college.

Josh Shuff, Region 1 Vice President, and Robyn Kemp, Talent Acquisition Manager at the London distribution center, gave LHS Principal, Michael Browning, a tour of the London facility and answered questions on how Staples and LHS could benefit from a partnership.

“Not only is their facility very impressive, but their organization is set up for success,” said Browning. “Staples is working very hard at creating a great work experience for their employees and strive to give them the resources and experiences to grow within the company.”

Staples is offering students age 18 or over the chance at making up to $15 an hour while working part-time during their busiest times (4pm to 10pm). This will allow students time to complete their education. “This is a chance to get into the school and have good, quality people filling our needs,” said Kemp.

London High School will host Staples on April 17th during student’s Study Hall/Lunch period allowing students to speak with Staples employees and answer any questions they may have about working at the distribution center.
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