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LCS Now a District of Choice, Still Predicting Modest Student Enrollment Growth
During the regular November London City School District Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Dr. Lou Kramer shared with the Board his updated enrollment report and five year projection for the district. During the discussion, Kramer highlighted the fact that LCS has turned around a deficit in students leaving the district through open enrollment a few years ago to now becoming a district of choice. Twenty-six more out-of-district students opted to attend LCS this year than resident students choosing to leave the district to enroll in neighboring districts. This marks a significant change from the 2013-2014 school year, when 86 more students left LCS than chose to enroll through open enrollment. 

Overall, Kramer noted that the district has grown 5.7% over the last five years. He predicts the district to grow a modest 1.4% over the next five years. Kramer cautioned the Board, however,  that the report used a very conservative estimate in regards to new housing. Should the district continue to increase open enrollment and/or the city and surrounding area see an increase of housing starts, future enrollment could be higher.

The state of Ohio funds schools on a per student basis. With some exceptions, this means districts that demonstrate positive enrollment trends can expect more state funding. LCS is benefiting significantly from recent trends in better retaining and attracting students. Efforts in broadening academic, athletic, and extra-curricular opportunities for district students is aiding this process.

You may access the a copy of the full enrollment report here.
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